AUTO LOAN rollover

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Dec 31, 2007.

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  2. That was precisely my response when I read that article yesterday.

    Pure insanity.
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    After reading this, it might not be a bad idea to short GMAC... sooner or later, the shit's gonna hit the fan just like it did in the housing industry.
  4. There's just a neverending supply of jackasses who HAVE TO HAVE that expensive car, even though they can't afford it. Keep Keepin' up with those neighbors, America.
  5. You would think they had more brains.. I guess the bottom line is having your name on the board as salesman of the month??

    or maybe they just didn't give a shit cuz these damn loans would get packaged (rated and insured too?),,, and sold to some dumb ass investors..
  6. This is the ultimate in greed and ignorance.
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    the truth
  8. not true. if you are in the "underclass" and don't qualify for a loan on a $20k nissan, do you think you can get a loan for a $20k chevy? no you can't. the ford f-350 mentioned in the article has no foreign competition, that couple couldn't have bought a toyota in that size even if they wanted to.

    besides, i'm sure you know that many "foreign" models are actually american-made right? toyota, honda, mercedes have factories in the usa.
  9. Buying a brand new car is such a waste of money. I rather buy a used car and save the loot for investment.
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