Auto industry now asking for 50 billion

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  1. Hahahah
    These idiots can't keep up with todays consumer needs as in more fuel effecient cars .. keep on pumping out V8 V10 cars in detroit and now are asking for money from the congress?

    The govt has become a charity organization.

    Whats next.. the whore houses asking for money from the fed.. because business is lacking?

    wtf is going on here?
  2. Coolio


    This is the path of least resistance .. it is easier to get $50B off the gov't than to design a car that people like.
  3. G-Boa


    No doubt, and they've had years to do it. Now Toyota and Honda are the dominators. GM and Ford should spend some of that SUV profit over the last couple years on a rebound line of cars and trucks.

    Although, I have my doubts, when it comes to design, that they can hit the spot as well as Toyota and Honda have.

    Chevy Malibu?? Cobalt?? Ford Taurus?? Those are nasty cars, just have zero style or appeal versus civic, celica, rx8, accord, tundra, maxima.

    But GM and Ford will be back.....
  4. GM, Ford...etc...

    Should go back to the old Mercedes Model....

    Produce a few really good vehicles....and just try to make them better and last longer and longer.....

    Also....get to basics...get rid of all the gimics....

    And have the legal largesse hangman's noose all but removed....
  5. Coolio


    Actually I have a Taurus and it is a great car for the $$$. 4 years old and 65K on it and not a single problem.

    The Atlanta plant which built the Taurus was Ford's most efficient .. what did they do? They shut that plant infavor of one in Mexico which builds the equivalent mid size sedan FUSION.

    They made such an astonishing marketing error they had to change the name of the 500 to the Taurus. These are built in Chicago, those folks will pump out great cars and then they will be shuttered, too.
  6. Only the government would be stupid enough to give these guys 50 billion.

    Ford sucks. They had the number 1 selling vehicle in the USA, the ford taurus, and what did they do? they stopped building it so they could focus on full size pick-ups and huge SUVs. These guys are brilliant, sure throw money at them.

    Then there is GM. The only thing that makes any money at GM is the corvette. Everything else sucks. And GM is going to design a new and improved vehicle? Yeah right. Hows that 2007 Camaro doing. Oh wait, its now billed as the 2010 Camaro. More than three years to get a vehicle on the street? WTF are these guys thinking? They are brilliant too, lets give them money.
  7. maybe we should nationalize them. that seems to be what the kool kids are doing these days.
  8. m22au


    All these bailouts are just getting ridiculous.

    How about the Treasury just runs the printing presses for a few weeks, and then calls a Sunday press conference to announce that it is giving $1 million to each US citizen, because it can?

    I can't see anything wrong with this plan.

    It would only add a few hundred trillion to the existing 9 trillion in US Government debt.

    I'm sure that stocks would rise on the Monday following that hypothetical announcement.
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    you should run for the office instead those jokers.
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