Auto-hide the taskbar in Win 7

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by easymon1, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. easymon1


    Auto-hide the taskbar in Win 7

    right click -taskbar ...brings up menu
    click -Properties, -Taskbar Tab, -Auto-hide the taskbar, -Apply
    ...this causes the taskbar to recede off of the screen however it returns to the same space it occupied before.
    Anyone know what is required for the taskbar to stay hidden?
  2. This is all is needed supposedly.

    Sometimes, the taskbar stays un-hidden or re-appears because Windows received some kind of alert notifications from apps that require user attention. Usually it will high-light the requesting apps. (Or gives you a bubble text). Find the offending app, acknowledge the incidence then taskbar will go hidden.


    But sometimes I have seen bugs. You would need to do the hidden/unhidden a couple of times or move the taskbar from one side to another to make "hidden" work.