Auto experts, why does GM have so many brands.

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  1. They have 4 brands (chevy,GMC,buick,cadillac)

    The whole thing is more work than necessary. Why not follow the Japanese way and cut it down to 3 or less brands and simplify the whole product lines.

    Toyota has Lexus for its high end and toyota for its regular line of automobiles.

    The whole line up is simple, same with Honda which has Acura/Honda.

    GM needs to simplify its line up if it wants to improve earnings and efficiency.
  2. Chevy - low end
    Buick - mid end (the brand is hot in China)
    Cadillac - high end


    GMC can go.
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    Same reason Frito-Lay has so many brands of chips

    Different taste for different folks

    Personally I like having a choice – in all matters

  4. The thinking behind the different brands was that as family income rose, a GM buyer could step up with a more expensive or luxury model.
  5. Understatement - you made one.

    I don't think you guys realize what Buick means in China. The Chinese think Jesus himself came down and would drive only Buick. A Buick in China is like a Bentley in a US rap video: a status symbol, except they're mass-producing the bitches....
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    what about Cadillac? if Buick is a Bentley in China? :p
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    it's not true. The fact is that almost all of the luxurious brands in the world are hot in China.
  8. I vote for the GMC brand to incorporate everything from the Chevy/GMC brands and Cadillac should incorporate everything from Buick/Cadillac.
  9. It is true. Read some history - one of the revered Chinese nobility drove a Buick he loved, so everyone gets their love for Buicks from that.
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    Toyota, Lexus ...did you forget Scion??? Acura / Honda...did you forget bikes?...let's not forget Nissan / Infiniti..and UDI trucks!

    Originally GM was consolidation and offering the customer choice.... Ford and Chrysler had to add brands and models to keep a little research and you will understand

    Quite a few brands have disappeared over the years in the USA...Studebaker, Rambler, American motors, Desoto, Edsel, Plymouth, Willys, Hudson, etc

    The problem with GM is and has always been the 14th understand what I am saying...please read John Z. De Loren's book "On a Clear Day You Can See GM"
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