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    System and Automated Trading Programs have grown dramatically in the last couple of years, as traders attempt to take emotions out of the market, by utilizing successful tested mechanical trading systems. Advanced Futures proprietary solution makes the process of turning automated programs into a stable integrated system easier and more affordable than ever!

    A key active trader at Advanced Futures took great interest in converting his Trade Station Easy Language formulas into a program that carried greater speed and accuracy, while enabling a minimal commission structure fee, allowing for greater profits. He also wanted a solution that allowed him to trade multiple contracts at the same time, which was not humanly possible, without an automated solution. From this vision came AutoExecute 2000, the program professional and active traders look to for automated trading solutions. AutoExecute 2000 was created to easily impalement prewritten programmed formulas found in common trading platforms, including TradeStation and Metastock
  2. mark,

    could you please elaborate on this execution program/system.


  3. nqtrader


    Yes, please elaborate. How do you "import" your formula from TradeStation, Metastock and other software into your product. Your site makes it sound like this is done automagically. Is this correct :confused:
  4. Yes can we have more information about the technical specifications of the product.

    Your website doesn't seem to provide much information about how it works.

  5. MarkHyman

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    You do not have to import strategies or formulas. In your strategy code you would put a statement telling your strategy program to send buy or sell signals to the Auto execute2000.
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    Michael T

    Apparently a few questions have been raised concerning AutoExecutioner on this thread that I can try to answer. The AutoEx program is meant to take out the emotional aspect of trading. The AutoEx is an interface that greatly simplifies the process of hooking your trading strategies to an execution platform. It can be called from a variety of platforms such as TradeStation, Excel, or from a programming language such as C++ or Visual Basic. The process requires the strategy developer to include a reference to a DLL within his/her strategy. When the strategy gives a signal to buy, a PlaceOrder function call is made to the DLL and the trade is electronically executed.

  7. mark,

    tradestation already does this. what is the difference between your product and tradestation automated orders ?


  8. Michael T

    Michael T

    AutoEx allows you to execute futures trades without clicking any buttons. The trades are executed immediately and at greatly reduced commissions.

  9. so does tradestation. what is the difference ??


    surf :)
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    - No it currently does not with 6 and we don't know all the capabilities they will give a future release.

    - Also, you have users of Tradestation 4 and Tradestation2000i who don't want to use Tradestation as a broker or be locked into their data feed.
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