Autin TX Oct 7, Tampa FL Oct 9, So FL.

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  1. Just planting a seed here. We're set up for another Trader get-together and strategy discussions. Programming demontstrations, and, most important, free food and drinks.

    Details soon, but:

    Austin Texas on October 7. For sure.

    Tampa Florida October 9. For sure.

    South Florida, shooting for October 12-14, possibly two functions. This is for sure, just determining dates (ideas welcome for these two).

    Please send me an email to: if you have an interest in joining me and a few of my traders. You can PM me here on ET if you like as well.

    All free, all fun!

  2. secxces


    Tampa?! Finally someone comes this way. Im there, Let me know when and where. Ill drop you an email in a bit.

    - secXces
  3. ATLien


    How about something in Atlanta?
  4. Atlanta looks like Jan or Feb, I'll let you know. I have a few coming from another place, need to wait for non-competes etc.

  5. gimp570


    i will be there gonna bring a couple other also

    anyone else going from tampa?
  6. good chance i might stop by
  7. gimp570


    i forgot about the tampa meet up..

    anyone make it?

    how was it?
  8. Hopefully, a couple of traders will respond. I know we had 57 attendees, and stayed well after the normal time. I had a lot of fun, and good discussions.

    Tonight is Ft. Lauderdale.

  9. gimp570


    57...i did not think that there were that many traders in the area....

    i am sorry i missed it
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