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  1. I am starting to write a book about arcade/propfirms and the different types of stories people have had working there. I have included my own experiences and would be extremely grateful if some of you could share yours. I am gathering input from various places, whether it be face to face, on the phone and now I'm looking on the internet.

    I am still currently a trader so I understand fully the ins and outs of the business. Please give me some examples of good and bad experiences you've had at firms you've worked for. If you can include the name of the firm that would be great and if you feel more comfortable not mentioning names just be descriptive so I can get an idea of the trading environment. This is completely anonymous and at no point will your name or any personal info be used unless you request it.

    Feel free to either respond on this post or Private Message me.

    Best of luck trading!
  2. Quote from WinItAll:

    I'm not really sure why there are so many negative people on this site.

    because people like you start 3 different threads in one day on the same subject, and some of them pretend to be interested in prop trading when in reality, you are trying to get them to write a book for you

    I thought I could get some good insight from different people's experiences but instead I get a whining little girl like you

    As you said, "I WANT INFO ABOUT PROP FIRMS. PLEASE MAKE YOUR ANSWERS GENUINE AND LENGTHY (By the way, did I mention I am actually writing a book using your experience and did not mention that?

    A deceptive who probably doesn't trade and bashs the business b/c you failed in it.

    Deceptive - person posing as a trader and actually writing a book. "Failed in it" A person who knows nothing about prop trading and begs others for information trying to write a book on a subject he knows nothing about.

    Don't bother responding. You are a selfish crud and I won't be reading it or your "book."

    People are well advised to ignore a content thief.

    Posting to all 3 of his new threads.
  3. Retard.... I've been trading for the past eight years and unlike you am fortunate enough to take some time to right a book. I started trading before there were a million and one prop firms.

    I probably have forgotten more about trading than you'll ever learn. And unlike you I'm not living at home in my parent's basement.

    I was fortunate to start trading before all of these sub llc's came to be and when you had to have a license. So before your pathetic attempt at breaking into this business ends in a few weeks why don't you either supply me with some of your experiences or just don't come onto the threads. Like I said, you're a whining little woman that has never made a living trading so keep your comments to yourself. Also don't falsely quote me, I never said make your answers lengthy, i said make them genuine and detailed.

    I have some great career advice for you though, head down to your local union office and apply for a job. I hear you get great benefits taking out the trash for a living.
  4. Quote from WinItAll:

    I've been trading for the past eight years and unlike you am fortunate enough to take some time to right a book. I started trading before there were a million and one prop firms.

    I have been trading since 1987. You are still a newbie.

    Apparently you need to try to write a book, because your trading has failed.

    I generally put the bottom 10% of ET on ignore - those who do things like deceive others such as pretending to ask questions about prop firms but are really trolling for book content or turn abusive when they cannot defend their actions. Or start bragging on their trading abilities without accompanying proof. You win on all counts.

    And you make so much money, that you need to troll for free content? Great authorship...

  5. Maybe it's just me, but it seems bitching someone out in public is probably not the best way to get people to open up with their personal stories...
  6. He's obviously a big time trader, I mean don't most successful guys continually try and bash people they don't know during the first 45 min of the trading day. Myself, I usually make money during that time period but obviously posting comments on all my threads is a major priority of his.

    The guy is a joke.

    By the way, traderzone, you must be RETARDED, how were you deceived..... the title of the post is AUTHOR DOING RESEARCH, how did that confuse your little brain?
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    fighting on the internet is like being in the special olympics: win or lose you are still a retard
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  9. Mr. Moose, that might be one of the funniest things i've ever read. Great line.