Austrian Economics? what's the diff?

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  1. what the diff from the stuff im reading in my textbook right now?

    like what peter shiff is a proponent of ?

    please don't give me any links, ive already read 20-30 of the stuff, I still don't get it.
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    Austrian economics is based around the idea of what most people would call 'sound money', the main idea is that you make currency out of something that is not easy to produce or replicate so that the value of it can't be decreased.

    This isn't taught in the textbooks period, that is because the people of the federal reserve don't want people to learn that the idea of printing money could actually be a bad thing, most textbooks only teach that the great depression was caused by a crisis in confidence of the markets.
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    As I see it ... a new evolution of Global economics has an experiment underway ...
    it appears to be an aberration blend of bubble economics and several other "thoughts" and theories.

    Goal=World domination ...
    Methods=What we see now that looks like blind ambition.

    Why and How? I simply don't have concrete evidence ... only theory.

    If there are any suggestions out there that supply cogent econ theory as to what these power mongers are up to and their methods ...
    I would like to peruse it.
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  5. It's the difference between a home cooked meal and McDonalds.

    You get healthy on home cooked meals, but you get fat and die with McDonalds.
  6. so what im studying is a blend of bullshit, real theory and social enginering?
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    Check it out. If the text says x causes y, then you find lots of xs but no ys then it's bilge. You have to evaluate new information to determine its value, not close your eyes and swallow everything put in your mouth.