Australia’s property boom making the nation poorer

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    Well one thing though about the virus. We DO have to take responsibility for how we f***ed up on the handling of the virus. China had the same virus and had 10X of the population density than us and yet they were able to nab it in a few months with deaths only in the thousands. They had the discipline to lock down and wear masks and social distance while we were first downplaying the risk of the virus despite the repeated warnings of expert doctors like Dr. Fauci and then we had a moron president who chose to ignore science and not exercise leadership to effectively combat the spreading of it. So yes the virus did originate in China but you have to admit that the way the western countries chose to handle it was quite pathetic and disappointing.
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    Hasn't seen this thread yet as we have no song and dance video clip yet. :)
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  3. Sure but you also need to see that there are differences in countries of totalitarian regimes (China) vs countries where personal freedom is respected and honored. In China the government can swoop in and isolate and quarantine entire estates or districts. In US or Canada that is a lot harder or even impossible.

    I am not blaming Chinese or China for how we handled the outbreak. I blame them for blatantly spreading it to the rest of the world by letting all those Chinese travel back and forth even though they knew at that time what they were dealing with. Why do you think they destroyed evidence and did not allow a comprehensive investigation by independent viral outbreak experts? Because they are covering up their shit. They thought if they have it why not give it to the rest of the world too. It is unproven but there is a slight possibility that they released it on purpose knowing full well that they can control it better than anyone else because they can tell their lemmings whatever they want them to do. Anyone who does not comply will be rounded up.

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  4. %%
    That, exactly;
    except chicoms chose to export, let chicoms fly out, while locking them down in China \ because it came out of a bioweapons lab+ the bigger that data base , the better., for bio weapons.
    DR fake Faccoi said @ first it would be no problem, mostly right;
    unless [1] heavyweight,[2]heavy smokers [3] heavy in socialized med+ that's why Italy had a 10% or 11% kill rate.
    Like one medical doctor said, he wears a mask for others, but its like a chain link fence stopping sand, a mask stopping that virus..............................................................
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  5. I lived in my childhood home till i was 29.
    By my late 20s At home i was saving 50,000 a year. And had saved £120K in total. A couple of doctors on six figures each should be able to save $100,000 a year between the two of them.

    You do what you have to do.
    Brother in law moved to Sydney. Australia from India, without a penny to his name, 12 years ago. Has been working hard driving a Taxi for 12 years.

    He just bought his first house, said he bought the land and the house was built new.
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  6. Perhaps far outside any city like Melbourne or Sidney. Perhaps with support from the tribe. Perhaps with huge loans under his belly. Perhaps a hut rather than a house.

    Fact is you can't drive taxi for 12 years and buy a house and pay it off in 15 years unless above named factors play a significant role. Not in Australia. Not today. Ask @themickey

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    I agree. We got complacent. We became the hare racing against the tortoise. But an eye for an eye is not the thing I believe. Going for the past is not the way. What we need to do is examine the past and learn from it and then figure out what we are going to do in the future. I agree we need to be more protective of our markets, our security, our intellectual property (waiving of the patent protection for the covid-19 vaccine was absolutely ridiculous) and to be more strategic in what we do. And now we need to look to the future. What is one thing that will catapult the economy to the next level? Increasing productivity. The way to increase productivity: Robotics. It's the end-game. And this is what the West needs to work on to be competitive.
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  8. Agree, I am not advocating to avenge wrongs from the past. I am advocating to shut down those Chinese games today and for the future.

    Robotics? Hmm, let me check, there is that Japanese market leader Fanuc and the German market leader Kuka. Oh wait, I would need to check whether they are still German, last time I checked they wanted to sell out to the Chinese. Kuka, and fuck me, Chinese Midea owns it since 2016. So, there you go, this is what happens when we as western regulators are naive and sell out our national champions. Good luck with robotics mate

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    This was a few years ago, could be worse now?
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