Australian Rules football classics

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  1. Worth watching guys, , especially the last link. Well they are all great.

    Quick primer for the uninitiated, pushing someone with your hand, in their back, contesting a "mark" (catching the ball) is a foul-(free kick) but leaping at someones head, kneeing them to the ground, is oddly enough, usually legal, unless done with extreme malice, or, heaven forbid-you don't actually catch the ball. Happens.

    In case you don't know, there are no "offside" rules in Australian rules Football. That is why it is so free flowing. But, "zone " defences, coming from Gridiron infiltrated AFl, many moons ago, and worked to an extent.

    The funny posts at the side of the Goal posts, are "point posts", 1 point Vs 6 points for the getting it through the middle sticks.

    Tackle over the shoulder, or below the knee, that's a foul, a free kick. No squirrell grips either, but that never stopped anyone.
    The guy 'standing the mark" is the obstacle/poor sap who gave the penalty, usually. Their the dudes standing with their hands up, hoping the free kick awardee is so lame they screw it up, or kick it through their hands, so the markee cannot claim a mark, 'coz it's been touched .

    Right, any other questions?

    Right, I never did figure out why the goal umpires wore white coats and hats, but what is with the stripes in Gridiron/football.
  2. Seriously, some great stuff.

    Oh, even I screwed up there, tackles below the waist are illegal. In practice, it's rarely paid, due to the nature of the game.

    Oh, come on guys, are these links not worthy? Watch the damn clips, their awesome.
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