Australian housing bubble thread

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  1. Real Estate / Family homes is BIG business in Australia.
    When you view the level of advertising, Special lift out sections in every newspaper devoted just to housing, constant letterbox drops from realestate agents hawking, the level of printed advertising far surpasses anything else, that's big dollars.
    When I see that level of interest I become very wary.
    Far too much public and commercial participation.
    I rent and realestate agents will be the most arrogant business's you will have the displeasure of dealing with. RE agents, especially the women seem to me to be feral.
    Mutton dressed up as lamb.
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  2. does anyone else believe the global economy is setting up for a repeat of 1929?
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  3. When governments turn common housing into a business via tax breaks, it's a recipe for the growth in the disparity between the haves and have nots.
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    "Australia’s big banks hit by $6.2bn levy in budget cash grab"

    "Four largest banks will each pay up to $400m every year, Treasury says"


    Australian bank shares declined noticeably on Tuesday 9 May in the trading session before Tuesday evening's official budget announcement.

    The (approx.) $1.6 billion levy represents about 5% of the $30 billion annual profits earned by the big banks each year.

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  8. How can one capitalize on it?
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