Australian Government Bans Government decides what is good information

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    This day is coming for US and UK and Canada

    Government is going to ban information they don't want you to see.

    Where will whistle blowers turn to ??

    Why did we fight communists and other dictators, seems these people won.

    The day they close free speech, it is over baby. OVER.

    Australian Government Bans
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    you don't get it, people here are bottom of the barrel. They ain't got money. They ain't got nothing. Their problem is food and rent.
    They don't care about privacy and loss of rights issues.
    They got bigger problems called empty wallets :p :eek:
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    You are possibly correct however so is this

    Majority polled by CNN see Government as enemy of their rights.
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    There is a hidden benefit to population censorship and control. No more bitching at Red China for human rights.

    We'll be red China as well.
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    Uhh, he's trying to access the site from his workplace, and the workplace "netnanny" software is prohibiting it. That is not government censorship, it is coincidental that his workplace is government.
  7. Err .... not quite. The link says the Queensland state government. Furthermore, the poster is a government employee and the site is blocked at work. As far as I am aware there is no obligation for employers to allow employees to surf the net at will, when they are supposed to be doing their job. I think you will find a lot of employers restrict net access at the office.
  8. even in China u can surf shame on australia
  9. What part of "he was a state government employee using a govt computer at work" do you not understand? I just looked at rense and the front page has an image showing Ernst Zundel and the holocaust denying book "Did Six Million Really Die?", describing the book as "explosive and convincing".

    It would not be surprising if somebody of the Jewish persuasion and quite possibly others who may work along side somebody viewing this in the office finds it offensive. It is quite inappropriate in a work environment and the state government is right to block it at work.

    Rense is NOT banned in Australia, as witnessed by the fact that I just looked at it using my home internet connection via the largest ISP in Australia.

    Find another red herring to whinge about.