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    Is there any Australian traders here from SE Queensland?


  2. I wish dude. Spent a few weeks there a number of years ago hitting all the spots form Byron Bay to Surfer's Paradise, with a few too many trips to Conrad Jupiter's thrown in. Ah the care free days of youth. Sitting here looking at my board right now....... sigh



    I am not from/living in oz, however i did study abroad at macquarie uni in sydney and have been trying to put together a group in either syd or kirra area to mediate costs...hopefully this link can help put something together....

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    I'm going to see if can get a group that can get together say once a month share a bit of info etc.
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    What's the ADSL speed to Europe / US like down thare?

  6. I'm on the Coast. Clear Island Waters. ADSL and Cable are available at normal speeds (my cable is over 10M's on a good day). Ping times to europe will be 170-300ms depending on your carrier, route, and destination.

    Be glad to participate.

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  7. i live in brisbane - i would like to contact u guys but how can i get intouch with u guys. If you guys are on msn allot can you post your msn:

    mine is
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    I came from Europe to Australia this month. Currently in Sydney. I was in Perth a year and half and 2 years in Sydney before.
    I'm considering moving to Surfers Paradise next month (the Q1 apartments look nice on the pics :)
    Anyone in Surfers Paradise or near? Would you recommend it?
    Or what other places to live to consider?
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    Best place in Australia. Its very hard to beat.

    If you want to live in a unit I would suggest Main Beach or Broad Beach not Surfers Paradise (where the Q1 is).
  10. or Palm Beach!! :cool:
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