Australian dollar

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  1. Any toughts on it's valuation today and on a longer term?

    Own it since spring and it had a nice rally since then so I am looking for some opinions on selling or holding today.

  2. I believe its running up on some short term resistance, but I don't see any problems with it running into the .90 range against the USD come December or January.
  3. agreed.. short term resistance from 9/22/2008 high of 8518 but on friday it breached that number but fell back down. Holding futures on AUD and i think unless it cant breach that number again this week and trade higher then i'm with you in implementing options...
    Good luck and hope the trade goes well..

    Cheers, JP
  4. GBP/AUD looks interesting. It seems extremely oversold at these levels.
  5. I would lighten my load considerably at these levels is how I read it. I think its had a nice rally and is due for at least a short term pullback.
  6. retail sales and home loans just came in both worse than expected so you might be getting ready for a long short trade sooner than you thought as for me going to lighten up on some contracts..
  7. Im out lol :p
  8. Nice rally.:)

    Can it go higher?
  9. Target hit +500 pips
  10. Informed


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