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  1. Is there a good web site that provides real-time trading news from Australia.

    Thanks :)
  2. Anyone ?
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    Yes I'm thinking about Australia, maybe Brazil. Doing research on them. Both strong growing economies with budget surplusses
  6. Yes, Australia is looking good.

  7. Depends what your outlook and trading strategy is (short/medium/long term). I'm a local so I'll give you my view. The Labour Gov't is in power now (they don't have the best record as far as economic growth is concerned).
    Inflation is at a high, interest rates are pumping. The brakes are well and truly on. Real estate sales have stalled in the last 6 months. The only thing going for Australia at the moment is the fact that it is China's quarry. Take out the resources and the place is in pain, serious pain.

    Having said that, if the resources boom continues, jump on for the ride.....
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