Australia the big bubble. who will be next?

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Is Australia the first of many country bubbles?

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  1. zdreg


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  2. JackRab


    So a failed CEO (in terms of stock performance) is saying that/those bubbles are about to pop...

    He should have said that Freelancer was priced as a bubble when they IPO'd...

    Not that he's not right in some way or another.... much is the fault of the Australian government and RBA.

    They should've taken way more mining/commodity royalties... and they should've lowered interest rates a lot sooner and by more, together with a forced raise in property investment loan rates.

    They should've focused more on the other parts of the economy, rather than rely on the mining boom... which was pretty obvious to end sooner than later.

    Is Australia as a country in a bubble?? Housing might be rich... but... IMO, not necessarily:



  3. i960


    So it's not a bubble because everything else is a bubble, Jack?
  4. piezoe


    for anyone ingrained with traditional thinking on markets one of the hardest things to let go of , i know it was for me, is the idea that markets participants are rational and that if markets are not interfered with they will self-correct more or less harmlessly when they get too high or too low. Reading Soros was a tremendous help and really improved my trading, and especially my investing results. I cannot recommend too highly these two Soros reads to anyone seeking to understand markets. One is the "The Alchemy of Finance"; the other is "The Soros Lectures at the Central European University."
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  5. JackRab


    I don't think stocks in general are in a bubble...

    Housing market in Australia is bubblicious... but mainly the big cities, especially Sydney... but hey... everyone wants to live there apparently.

    Mining bubble has already deflated. Commodities with it...

    So Matt Barrie is somewhat behind the curve and should in stead focus on getting Freelancer back to where it was at the IPO.