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  1. Anyone have any experience trading the ASX (Australia)? I'm looking for stocks, not futures. If so, through which firm?

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    I have traded ASX listed stocks extensively over the last few years.

    Different brokers are suited to different traders. If you want to slowly build a portfolio of blue chip aussie stocks then it will be hard to go past who are the largest and most recognised.

    For small orders less than AUD $10000 they are very difficult to beat.

    If you want to trade in larger sizes and more frequently then I suggest you consider pricing structures offered by firms such as Morrisson Securities.
  3. Instead, who is trading futures in Australia? I'm interested on interested rate derivatives experience.
  4. Anyone aware of any pro/prop firms there?
  5. A good futures broker...?
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    You can trade the Sydney Futures Exchange through Interactive Brokers.

    There are several local futures brokers such as Tricom or Broker One though IB appears to be cheaper.
  7. There is a list of brokers on the SFE website:
    Select "broker contact details" from the quick link menu.

    Interactive brokers is the cheapest.

    For Prop shops, try Propex Derivatives Pty Ltd. They are based in Sydney.