Austinp, you said you would never post again ?

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    On 11-29-2006 you wrote ;

    "This is an excellent forum, I enjoyed my time inside, but will NEVER post again. As for being missed, I'll blow away like a fart in a windstorm. No self-delusions on my part there (huge laugh).

    Y'all take great care of yourselves now. Be careful out there!"

    1 month later on 12-24-06 you post again ;

    "Dear CV, et al,

    I retired from active posting in ET due to posts & threads just like this one. Too many people forming assumptions without knowledge or information.

    When I was here before, my only desire was to hang out and offer some helpful advice wherever possible. That's it, nothing else. There was no personal reference or links on my part to any self-promotion whatsoever, last time around.

    Next year I'll return to ET, post regularly and try to help others where I can. I'm quite sure my new approach will make it a completely different environment then, and we will not be dealing with blind assumptions = negative threads ever again.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and God Bless to all!"

    On another thread you said a similar thing ;

    "And that, my friends (both of ya) is the final word on Jesse Livermore to be uttered by me EVER AGAIN. Enjoy the book, study his story, take from it what you will."

    only to post 10 hours later on the same thread

    Also you claim the following

    Austinp :" From that $800 I traded one-lot ER leveraged up to one-lot per $1,500 balance all the way to $64,000+ in less than seven weeks. What annual % return is that?"

    Why you don't audit that performance or better your performance over a few years to show how consistent you are ?!

    The above post clearly demonstrate you are not a man of your word, what does that say about his credibility as a vendor ?

    To all newbies,

    Never buy stuff from a guy who claims he trades BUT is not willing to show his broker statements
  2. virgin,

    Come on...he has just as much right to post here as you or I...
  3. virgin



    I agree about his rights but my point is not about his rights.

    If he wants to show he has no hidden agenda at all , why not post under an alias instead of using his real name ?!
  4. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Is he actually selling something?
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    honestly, grow the fuck up!!! he doesn't promote himself. get over it.
  6. virgin


    Yes, but he is not a paying adverstiser
  7. I like his postings. Lay off the guy.
  8. <i>"Why you don't audit that performance or better your performance over a few years to show how consistent you are ?!

    The above post clearly demonstrate you are not a man of your word, what does that say about his credibility...?"</i>


    Dear virgin,

    I see you didn't take my advice about turning off the screens and getting outside for some fresh air. I'm telling ya, it'd do you a bunch of good.

    #1: You've been here since 2000... Seven long years. You know what I have to say before it's even said. What motivation would I have to prove anything to anyone in ET? I am not here for business, but we'll discuss that in a bit.

    Let's assume I came in here, signed up as a full-blown sponsor and tried selling you something. What would it take to sway you? I could post one year's audited performance... what would be your retort? I know, lemme guess... you'd say one year proves nothing, it's an aberration.

    I post three years' history, would that sway you? Nope. You'd say it's just a matter of time before I blow up. Same thing you've already said before. Same song, different tune, no change in melody.


    ET as a forum is akin to a bar / lounge. This is a place where a few friends and strangers mix & mingle to talk shop, b.s., whatever. It is a casual atmosphere. Take a look at the politics and religion thread. Take a look at almost every thread which gets hijacked, thrashed and trashed off-topic by the same few people over and over and over again.

    I am here in the same manner as you. Whatever motivates you to post here, same goes for me. We see you spouting lots of stuff, same stuff over and over again for years now. When are you going to offer something of positive learning value to the ET readership?

    If I struck a nerve earlier when asking you to post a trade blotter, I'm sorry. Truth is, none of us know if you are a big-time trader, piker or just one of the two guys sharing a snickers bar in the SuperBowl commercial. How could we? You've never offered a shred of evidence I've ever seen that you trade.

    Forget about profitable or otherwise... we don't even know if you've ever taken a trade at all. I give you benefit of doubt and assume you are an active trader. Why else would you hang around here for years otherwise?

    Then again, what motivates the guys who only post in Politics & Religion thread?


    ET is a relatively small forum. Right now there are 455 people logged on. That number almost never exceeds 600 by much, often less. This is a tiny pond we're swimming in, my friend. If you are sincerely trying to save a handful of new readers here from potential fraud in any form, I sincerely commend you.

    Now take the next step in that savior process and point them in the right direction. Tell them exactly how to start building their base of knowledge toward successful trading careers. Just go ahead and explain to them what has made you the successful trader you are. Wouldn't hurt to show a couple of trading blotters, too. Your rescued followers would be much obliged, I'm sure.

    Virgin, I'm not telling you anything new here. You've heard it all before, and you'll ask the same stale questions again and again because there is no point of satisfaction to reach. On this topic, you are an empty bucket with three holes in the bottom. Impossible to satiate, no matter how fast one tries to pour.

    Now git outside and enjoy some fresh air. Life's too short for tapping this drivel into a keyboard. No one learned anything of value here, we accomplished nothing. If I hadn't been emailed a link to this thread, I wouldn't be here myself :p
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    what is this thread about anyways....why is it in trading?
  10. no offense, austin. however, ET is huge in the world of active traders. its far from a "small pond" in this demographic.

    i fished the salmon river(pulaski, NY) a couple years ago, how is it this year??

    regards, surf
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