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  1. Austin Tx traders?
  2. I am from Austin (and still have all my family there) and have a bunch of trader friends there...PM me and I will hook you up with some good guys.
  3. I just moved to Austin this week and it would be great to meet up with some traders in the area!
  4. don't trade (who has time :) ), but my company is basied in Austin (QuoteTracker)
  5. Any Austin traders want to set a place to meet in the next week or two? Austin is a great place to live, and we should get the traders in this area together to meet and have some fun!

    ??? Cool River on the 20th of June around 6 or 7 ??? just a suggestion.
  6. I have good friends who trade at Assent in Austin. James Manning is the guy you want to talk to there.
  7. Andre


    Hey, any of you guys ever heard of Matt the Electrician? He's an Austin based musician. Funny, witty, writes great pop songs... and is a great guy to listen to while having a beer. He's on tour a bunch this summer.

    But his next Austin date is July 3rd at the Cactus Cafe.


    Matt the Electrician
  8. That is a great idea also! July 3rd works for me.
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    Well..we just opened and office in Ft. Worth, TX, is that close to Austin?

    The FT. Worth office is almost all currancy (Forex) traders with a growing Eurex group their too.

    Love to talk to some Ft. Worth traders or Dallas traders?

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    woops ...I meant to say our new office is in "Houston", not Ft. Worth....sorry :D

    Any Houston traders here?

    J -
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