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    You go in, take a spacial relationship exam, a pattern recognition exam, memorization exam...all very "passable" if you have an IQ of over 100. Oh, a typing test also. Yes, I said typing test.

    Hey, acejeff....whats the current payout structure there? I'm starting in September, but kept thinking to myself how screwed the structure was. Liz told me it was 40% to the traders, minus anywhere between 1000 and 1500 a month minus .008/ this still the case? Seems very skewed in my opinion.
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  2. Hello Austin....OT but I would like to ask how is the weather year round in Austin?'s...con's..

    I had plans to be in Austin awhile ago for the very first time due to my continued involvement in the music business (gigs & recording) but at the last moment I was to leave for Austin,other urgent matters needed to be addressed and I wasn't able to be in what I was told later was a marvelous place with some super people..
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  3. Also moving to Austin probably in late September. If anyone wants to hook up for beers or see my trading set up or let me see theirs, just drop me a PM.


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  4. I could live anywhere since my work is all internet based, and I settled in Austin. Very nice city. weather is hot this time of year, but I will take 100 degrees in Austin over 90 in Chicago or NY any day (grew up in Chicago). Much of Austin is not the usual flat lands associated with Texas. Lots of Hill country, Lake Travis, etc.

    You will like it here.
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  5. meetings just stopped?
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    If there is interest for a weekend meeting, I will set one up.
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    just joined the Austin Yahoo group. not too many posts. is there gonna be a meeting soon?
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    Well, that's two people wanting to get together (sort of). Couple more and I'll set something up.

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  9. I'm in, I'm in Houston, but if you give me enough notice, I can make a quick trip to 5th street to shoot the shit. :D
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    Do yall trade from home or in Shops around austin?
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