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  1. Pete - do any of you locals think highly of Zone Trading? Do any of you trade there or have a history there? Thanks Rick
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  2. PetaDollar

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    I don't know about any of the firms here, sorry.

    Reminder for everyone:

    We're meeting at Flipnotics today, 1601 Barton Springs Road,
    3pm. Hope to see you there!

    I'll be wearing my "ACC" baseball cap.

    #22     Feb 19, 2005
  3. acejeff5


    hey whatsup guys, i've been looking at this site for some time now but just started posted, i saw your information on austin traders meetings and would be interesting in knowing more and checking it out.......also, I work as a Trader at Zone Trading, and I really like it....its a great place
    #23     Apr 2, 2005
  4. moreluck


    How many traders are at zone trading?
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  5. acejeff5


    currently zone has 80 traders, its getting bigger and growing pretty fast, I like the place and enjoy trading bout you? you from austin, etc....?? or trade anywhere?
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  6. Hi

    Are there any quality futures trading shops (prop, and/or taking customers trading own money) in Austin? I would love to know, the info is much appreciated!

    Thank you

    #26     May 3, 2005
  7. When is the next get together? I will be down around July 4th. Looking forward to meeting y'all.
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  8. JayS


    Only quality local company to Texas that has a retail trading room is Velocity Futures in Houston.
    #28     May 10, 2005
  9. PeterF


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  10. RXIS


    Someone from Zone Trading came to my school for some new recruits a couple of years ago. I didn't apply but I've been interested ever since. How tough is it to get hired into your firm?
    #30     Jun 17, 2005