Austin Passamonte Challenges all at ET to a $10K entry fee Contest!

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by version77, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Alright traders. Austin Passamonte has made a challenge to all traders
    here at ET and anywhere else I suppose. I say let's get it on!

    10K entry fee. 25K minimum account size. You can trade any style,
    any symbol, any market. Daily results will be posted in a thread
    right here on ET!

    Starts 10/01/06 and ends 12/15/06.

    Whoever rolls up the highest % gain in this period of time wins all entry fees.

    Here is the link to his challenge post:

    This is going to be a biggie!...:cool:
  2. 10k entry fees? and YOUR fav charity? R-O-R, not in a mln yrs, who are u kiddin'?
  3. You got it wrong, Bit. If I win, my prize money goes to the selected charity I support. That would be in time for their Christmas special... families in need called "Secret Santa".

    If you win, direct your proceeds anywhere you desire :>)

    C'mon... who wants to have a real-time, real money trading contest to end the year?
  4. <i>"I say let's get it on!</i>"

    Hey Version, are you in? C'mon, let's have some fun!
  5. I hope that Marketsurfer will take your challenge.
    Austin P vs Surfing Ninja , ya !
    Can we watch ?
  6. Very interesting. I have been following the thread with the "vendor" bashing, complaining, etc. My bet is that no one will take austinp on with this challenge.

    Now is your chance. Either take austinp up on the challenge and see for yourself whether he walks the walk or just shut up.
  7. no interest.

    however, i applaud austin for putting his money were his mouth is.

    I'll bet NO ONE will take him up on this challenge!

  8. maybe lets make it a half a million or so entry fee, and lets change the time period instead of now, to the march through june period of 2007, and i might be interested.

    4th quarter is not my time to trade full time, jewish holidays, wacky end of year runups, doesn't fit my style. but give me the dog days starting in march, and you got yourself a bet.
  9. tiv, I'll be very happy to do that with you in 2007. No sweat... count me in! I wholeheartedly respect your religious holidy limitations per the end of this year. Thank you for the offer :>)
  10. Why a $10,000 challenge?

    Because I'm tired, and I've heard enough.

    Heard enough from anonymous-alias blowhards who lurk behind the scenes here nestled in their safe little comfort zones, bashing complete strangers in self-righteous, judgemental fashion.

    The ass umptions made about me in this forum have ranged beyond ludicrous, and it's time to call some people out.

    <b>Bitstream</b> stated my trade method tactics cannot make money over time even if commissions aren't factored in.

    Well there you go, big guy... take my $10,000 as free money to you. Where's your risk? I have no chance to succeed... put your $10k where your mouth is and show everyone how fake I am. Just think of the innocent victims you'll save from falling prey to me.

    Go ahead and play those deep OTM DJX puts you recommended as the best way to play a potential dip in the Dow. I'll take the other side of your puts as a credit spread, every single time. Who has the Black-Scholes edge then?

    $2,000 worth of those options on your advice would be a total-loss result inside of three similar trades. Then what? $2k pissed away on worthless deep OTM puts and nothing else to show for it. Nice work on the helpful advice to Spinn, sure glad you're saving him from snake oilers.

    <b>Stock77 / Version77</b> have entered dozens of posts in various threads here running me into the ground. Have we met somewhere that I'm not aware of? Are you intimately familiar with how I trade = what I teach? Y'all sure pretend to be.

    <b>Mschey</b> strung a few posts in the thread linked above stating how it's his/her (who knows, with these alias things?) mission to warn everyone about vendors like me and our agenda. What agenda? Never once have I mentioned anything self-promoting in any of my posts, and that is recorded fact anyone can easily verify.

    <b>JimmyJam</b> seems to think I would teach one thing and trade another, i.e. I'd purposely rip clients off. What sense woud that make? Why would anyone do such a thing? Asnine illogic on his/her part. I'll gladly help noobs (his word) parrot what I do.


    So, to all of my anonymous detractors: get your balls out of your purse, and lay it on the line. If you have hair on a pair, let's see your hand. Let's all put up our money, trade for 2.5 of the best potential months this year and see who's real. You don't have to win... just trade in public and show you can make two dimes profit. I'm willing to: how about you?

    Anyone who ever has or will posted a message in personal attack directed toward me, please back your accusations up with actions. If you know me at all, you'll know I don't have an ounce of bluff in me. Bring it on.

    I'm in. My $10k is available to wire into a holding account, tomorrow. I'd be perfectly happy to trade with anyone up front, in public, real time with real money. Which of my anonymous detractors skulking in the bushes out there will join me?

    Actions talk, bullsh*t walks. Don't even come around here slinking away like whipped dogs with lame excuses of why you can't - won't - wouldn't - it's all a lark excuses. I've got real money to lay on the line trading in real time, results posted right here in ET.

    Show your hand in front of all eyes in ET, or shut your cowardly mouths forever. Which will it be? Come strong, or don't come at all to this playground.

    And with that, I'll get back to posting helpful, positive content in various other threads :>)

    A great big hug to everyone!

    God Bless
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