Aussie SPI and IB

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by arzoo, Apr 22, 2007.

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    If you are using IB, can you just trade the australian spi like any other futures index, without filling out any new documents, etc.?

    also, have been watching it lately, would like to ask those trading the spi's how difficult it is, generally, to trade? (compared to maybe the us index futures, coz i noticed sometimes volume can become really thin.)

  2. I don't trade it but have watched it.
    I think you have to request quotes and trading permission from IB.
    Yes, it can be thin.
    Today, for example, SPI is down about 2 pts,
    but N225 and HSI are up over 200 pts. It may
    be partly due to the index being composed largely
    of resource (mining, materials, etc.) companies.
  3. SPI is like an old woman, she moves - just not very fast.

    If your thinking of trading it intraday forget it. Not enough action.

    For swing/position trading its great. Just mind the overnight variation.

    SPI also it has high correlation with ES and YM when trading overnight as well as with overall commodity prices. if commodity prices fall on LME and NYMEX high probability that next day will gap downwards.
  4. Yes, just tick the data and trading permissions.

    It's an old woman but can be traded intraday if you want.
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    Thanks for the advice!