Aussie in the Stratosphere

Discussion in 'Forex' started by cstfx, Oct 28, 2007.

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    The Aussie broke 92 cents Sun evening in early trading on the back of implied US rate cuts and additional Aussie rate hike(s) before year is out. Plus a few Australian bankers are now calling for the aussie to reach parity with the USD (in the same manner as the USD/Cad). Friday I was playing the Aussie up and down with the swing of US equity markets dictating direction.

    Will take a long on dips between 9190-9200 with -30 pip sl. Will hold thru the night and flatten pending US equity markets. Looking at price of crude and S&P futures for support as well.
  2. Parity like with CAD is looming around the corner.
    Good job FED, print those dollar bills. :)
  3. I noticed that too. AUD is quickly becoming my new favorite currency. Unlike USD/CAD, AUD is paying some pretty decent interest.
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    Trades executed this morning just vefore market open (avg 9192). Missed out on the move overnight waiting for retrenchment which never came until near US open. (another Doh moment)

    Currently holding their own against mild equity markets and softening crude prices. Strategy is to sell if fail to break 9250 again this session and look to renter on a bounce. SL moved to 9205 to lock in some profits.
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    Aussie positioned to take a trip down under to 74.
  6. better sell the home and short 200:1

    You'll be rich if you know something the market don't