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Discussion in 'Forex' started by cstfx, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Anyone see and/or take advantage of the AUDUSD are on the open tonite on the Oanda Platform? IB and a couple of other vendors had it open gap down about 40 pips and OAnda just sat there for like about 10 minutes at Fridays price. Being that you could enter a trade on Oanda at the Friday price anytime during the weekend, looked like a good quick profit.

    For you Oanda-philes, would that trade have been reversed?
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    ne'er mind. Looks more like it was a stuck chart responsible for the price discrepancy.

    But for the Oanda guys, if this actually did exist, would the arb have been allowed or would it be reversed>
  3. If it was a technical issue it would have been reversed, most likely.

    There were a few situations last year where it was easy to take advantage of Oandas practice to quote fridays close throughout the weekend tho. I did it 2 times (with small size) and those didnt get reversed. (situations, where it was pretty clear that there would be a bloodbath in equity markets on monday open - and hence usd/jpy - due to rather dramatic developments over the weekend)