Aussie and Canada adding tens of thousands of new jobs

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    Why are Aussie and Canada adding tens of thousands of new jobs while US is still losing so many.

    It is all over Fox News

  2. They are "resource" economies. We are not.
  3. i dunno. am in canada and i don't see it. everywhere i look businesses are going tapioca. 60-70% of our economy is linked to the states..manufacturing is all but doa.

    but real estate is hot... go figure... and apparently we are adding jobs...

    don't really make sense...
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    Fox News seems to think that they are better managed
  5. How could they not be?
  6. In the US, the imbecile voter wears a flag pin and screams USA USA while voting for corporate tools. In Canada the voters actually take the time to read each candidates positions. More level headed people.

    We have a 2 party system that have a death grip on govt. They're both controlled by the same entities. We're as democratic as China, they have one less political party.

    The Canadians and Aussies have new political parties coming up every day. Difficult for internal enemies to buy their way into power. In the US, a $1000 campaign donation entitles you to author your own legislation.

    Hence they have better laws and better governance.

  7. You are, of course, prepared to offer comprehensive proof of this...
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    Maybe we can trade our president for one of their Prime Ministers.
    Hell, I'd even be willing to thrown in a 535 member congress as a deal sweetener.
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    Do you mean proof as in Colin Powell's proof to UN a few years ago
  10. Couldn't be any worse than here. Kay Hutchinson admitted today on CNBS, that most bills are voted upon without having even been READ! How F^CKED is THAT??
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