Ausie interest rate decision??

Discussion in 'Forex' started by marketsurfer, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. any thoughts on the forthcoming interest rate comments in Australia this evening NY time?? im short the aud.usd pair here.

    any kiwi traders care to comment?



    7:30 pm NYC time---

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    Widely expected to stay the same,. I'm more interested in the trade balance to be released at 0130 GMT. May put more pressure to the downside tonite, but upside is bias. Looking to buy on dips below 8800
  3. The AUD has definitely been overbought against USD, so this little pre-announcement correction makes sense... I think buy the dips reigns supreme, as well. You really think .8950 is all this mkt has left?
  4. 50bp rise!
  5. ahhaha
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    rate=no change
    effect=no change

    waiting for the trade numbers
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    Interesting: retail sales trump trade deficit
  8. just had a sharp move on the upside in aud/usd. shorting some more here @ 8909
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    supposedly a bunch of stops in the 10/15 range

  10. thanks. seems that way---8880 was also suppose to contain substantial stops. i think this spike is going to retrace.

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