“unleash prosperity for everybody" - Odumba

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  1. dude- that was funny. Thanks for posting. :D
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  2. Wow, you really are blind.

    Ever heard of lawyers? The ones that are being fed a gazillion dollars in fees for loan modifications, handling foreclosures, the rampant increase in product liability lawsuits and massive government & legal legislation increasess everywhere that are crushing the life out of the USA?

    Ever heard of unions? The peolple who can't compete yet get preferential treatment now. Bondholders who get screwed out of equity. Government taking over everything.

    Noticed that the only jobs being added are government jobs and real estate lawyers? The 800 billion porkulus bill that spread a bunch of money around to his "green" cronies

    Obama has done more special interest spoon-feeding in 6 months than Bush ever did the whole time he was in office. At your expense and at mine.

    Wake the hell up!

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  3. Word. The weak ones susceptible to NLP.
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    Absolutely right!!!
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  5. are you guys still talking about bush?:p
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  6. Republic borrow then spend; democrat tax then spend. Somewhere, they exchange its role on how to get the money to spend, people are confused.:D
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  7. What an outrageous statement. Your comments are borderline insane.

    Bush left us with a economy teetering on bankruptcy

    Exported all the jobs to China and imported half of Mexico

    Destroyed an entire city

    presided over the largest peace time attack on American soil ( Cheney, his boss decided nothing would be done even after extensive and exhaustive knowledge of what was going to happen )

    and to top it all off, the monkey left us fighting a un winnable quagmire in Afghanistan

    Were all you con right wingers dropped on the head regularly as children? does religion make you people especially stupid?

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  8. So Obama's solution to our economic woes is to print Trillions and making the problem worse by a factor of 10. Yeah, that makes sense

    FACT: free trade brought more jobs to this country that left this country - it has been a net postive - why is it you Libs ignore this reality?

    Give me a break. Clinton was the one who fell asleep at the national security switch for 8 years while 9/11 was being planned. Then left office and dumped it in the next guy's lap
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    In their defense, if they focused on the current president. They'd probably kill themselves for having supported him.

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