“unleash prosperity for everybody" - Odumba

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  1. I turned it off after he said "80% of tarp money went to reduce taxes".

    He really does think we are idiots...
  2. What's he doing, campaigning for Emperor again?
  3. Thanks for the laugh... I really needed it. It's been a tough day for my long-only strategy.
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    I don't think he's speaking to you and I, he's addressing the morons who voted for him. You know, the sheeple that will believe anything.
  5. And what policy decisions did Bush propose that were signed into law that made sense to you?
    Can you name more than one or two?

    I recall in one of his interviews that he said that the only time that he admitted to making a "mistake" was the timing of privatizing social security.

    Other than that, he claims to have been "perfect".
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    I did not see the talk but similar attempt was made by Billy Clinton by trying to get a house for everyone and that's what started the sub prime mess and related snow balling of financial risk taking.

    In a capitalist society not every one can be rich and prosperous and Obama should not try something that is going to take the bottom off from the already shaky US financial house.

    But to add to that, I would take Obama anyday over any Republican Swine who's DNA is geared towards destroying the US while attending only to the interest of very elite few. :D :cool:
  7. The best one was the 50 billion dollars Bush spent to protect us from zombies. To date, I have not see 1 zombie on the street.

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