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  1. August 25,1987 - the exact top prior to the crash..
    August 23,1988 - low has never been returned to..
    August 24,1995 - low has never been returned to..
    August 19,1998 - top preceding 18% plunge in 2 weeks..
    August 31,1998 - important market bottom..
    August 31,2000 - 2 days before all time high..
    August 24,2001 - end of rally ,market drops 22% in under a month..
    August 22,2002 - exact rally top, market drops 21% in under a month.
    (Courtesy of Peter Eliades of Stock Market Cycles.)
  2. just a guess, but I think we made a top yesterday. I think we will be down next week, and into the middle of September before we rally again.
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    Out of curiosity, which all-time high was that? I thought the high was in March.
  4. not sure what he means. i just posted those numbers from another source.
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    Fundamentally, I just do not see any reason for the market to rally. Maybe a few idiot consumers are buying this jobless recovery crap.

    This was probably a good months for the big players and the specialist to go short.
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    So everybody agrees the market is going down from here? Hmmm.
  7. IMO lower prices Monday=Buying opportunity.
  8. Wait for the BKX to break down further, maybe some skeletons need to come out from a few closets :D
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    Hope this isn't too off-topic but could anyone comment on what's been ailing the financials lately? Maybe that would be somewhat relevant to the topic somehow.
  10. I think there will still be more up movement on the S&P (over 1015 area) during the next few weeks before we pull back to the 960 area again.
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