AUGUST performance

Discussion in 'Trading' started by xtrader, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. xtrader


    Anything not working or working in trading?

    Post your triumphs or curses...
  2. The thread says August, but the poll says September???

    Anyway as for myself, August pretty much sucked. I tried to force some trades in the first few days and paid for it the rest of the month. September has been pretty good to date...

    Luck to all.
  3. Had a terrible month of August trading ES, worst ever I guess I just kept taking losses . Somehow I managed to keep the total at - $500. Sickened, I stopped for a couple of days and switched to NQ, smaller contract less volatile and slower than ES these days... I get smaller wins and losses but interesting hit rate.
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    the first week was good and then the rest of my August was awesome...because I was in Cancun...September suxs...bring back July please
  5. Bizzzness as usual here :cool:
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    One man's junk is another's treasure. :D