AUGUST 12, 2009 ET TownHall starring MANDLEBROT.aka JJ 4- 8 pm EST

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  1. Jackass to some, Hero to few, Pain in the ASS to most. ET's own Mandlebrotset will be the Guest of Honor/Roastee at tonights ET Trading Townhall. He has bravely agreed to take questions and recieve fire from the hoard of ET Pikers ready to unload in a way that makes what Sen.Arlen Spector went through look like a library book reading. The TownHall adjourns at 4 pm sharp,


  2. OK , looks like I'm the first one here in the Townhall. Mandy was just seen putting on his Grandpas old WW II helmut. LOL..

    Let the games begin!!!

    So I have a serious trading question for Mandy.. I have been following you for a few years now. You seemed to be on a constant quest to find an edge and improve your trading . My question is , have you found the edge? If so explain it in general, and how has it improved your record. I will go grab an old Milwaukee and wait for you to answer that softball.

    Rennick :cool:
  3. Mandy is getting slammed down at BurgerWorld, but will be on as soon as he gets his break...:D
  4. ROTFLMAO with tears in my eyes! :p :D

    OK, here I be (can't promise I can stay though, things might get kinda busy ...). :D
  5. Ya know.

    ET used to be a place that was, well, it was all about the trading.

    Guys would try out their newfangled trading systems (often resulting in severe crash n' burnage), and talk about their trials and tribulations of trying to be a successful trader.

    Or for the succesful few, they would discuss how they allocate their winnings to their more conservative portfolios ... and for the very few, they would discuss their high powered automated systems.



    But now, well, lets just say it's a new world out there.

    :eek: :p :D
  6. Yea everyone got creamed in the Market, and are now panhandling to refund the account. At least you were wise enough not to hang up the paper hat...

    ps. Lift the fries JJ:D
  7. Seriously, there must be way fewer Pikers clicking around on ET these days. You could fire a canon down mainstreet and not hit sqwat. Back in the day these type of threads would be like a WWI dogfight over the skies of Germany.

  8. LOL, hey I know how implement a "Plan B". :D

    Yum, I love fries!!! :D
  9. Yeah, the place has really quieted down ... I gotta start working on my next project soon. :D

    Remember those "Ball Call" threads, man, Baron had better not delete that stuff to make way for the latest thread (which is going to get sent to chit-chat anyway). :p
  10. Not if we keep asking these probing trading questions.
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