Aug 7 CME Micro Crude

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  1. Even if it only trades one contract like most of the ideas from the CME braintrust, the first contract is going to be mine.

    Because even a single QM is too volatile for my itty bitty account without all kinds of complicated hedging.

    I guess it trades on Clearport, not sure how that is different from Globex, and not even sure if my broker does it.

    But I think it's a great idea, because who isn't affected by CL? Even if all you do is fill up the Silverado and drive to Walmart once a week.
  2. heech


    Clearport = OTC trading. You aren't trading OTC if you don't have $10 million+ in assets.
  3. lol apparently the value of the contract is the actual value of oil. so if oil is worth $100, the contract is worth $100.

    Tick size is one penny :D

    this will be interesting..... lol first day of the new contract 100 000 contracts might be done...not bad

    Hmm apparently it will be traded on the floor of the NYMEX as well...maybe they are trying to get the average joe back to the floor?
  4. rosy2


    u dont need 10mil for clearport
  5. 222bc


    Some of the contracts have daily moves that scare even the well healed, like the Softs, Rice and energy like NG, Crude, so it would make sense to split them or offer mini versions.

    One would achieve similar results (less leverage though) trading some of the ETNs.

    I would be kind of curious to see if the other exchanges take notice.

  6. ok, so now I got it. The CME is offering micro contracts for traders who only have $10 million+ in assets.

    Well that's good, somebody needs to be looking out for the little guy.
  7. Heech is correct, you do for a spec account. Hedgers need less.