AUDUSD Position Trades

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  1. Currently flat. I am watching the 8771 level on spot. A move and close below this level and I will set shorts for a move to 8679, then 8359. Initial risk would be a significant close above the hourly swing high at 8833.

    If this sets up, I will update risk management for the move down.

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    I'm scalping the aussie either side for 5-10 pips but too am looking for a break to the upside to test highs. Currently tho it is over bought on the hourlys
  3. Just a small change here. Based on today's price action my reverse level has moved up a few ticks to 8778. Looking for a close below this level to set up shorts.
  4. Ever close to 100% retracement on A/U, it's the best position trade currency. A/J is also performing well near 102. I look towards USD/JPY for scalps and the Aussie pairs for position trades.
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    Short term we got a little more upside, but it hasn't been at these levels in over 20 yrs. Maybe run is coming to an end?
  6. True, but the long-term rally won't be hindered until the outlook for commodities and the US landscape changes.
  7. I have never had much success in the long term scalping. How do you guys do it?
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    This thing does not want to break 8830 even with this morning's tame inflation numbers. Taking a short at 8825 with downside target of 8700-8715. Aware of a stall tho at 8750-8775. Looks like little upside momentum so this might be well contained. Will square at close if not seriously in the money. (30+)
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    Looks like it finanlly found it's balls and broke that 8830 barrier. Looking to see if 8870 holds, if not I'm out.
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    Get set.
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