Audrey Hepburn - Her best film(s)?

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  1. Could any of you guys recommend which in your view was her best film?

    Thanks !
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    I want to buy a DVD for my collection and since I wasn't around then I am asking if anybody knows which was her best film.

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  4. Breakfast at Tiffany's
  5. hcour

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    Besides the aforementioned "Tiffany's":

    Roman Holiday
    Funny Face
    My Fair Lady
    Wait Until Dark

    Which is "best" depends on one's individual taste, but these are all good films.

  6. A good list to start with.

    Thank you guys !!

  7. She co-stars with Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday. Can't go wrong with that one!
  8. For die-hard fans only. Her last film: