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  1. Strong resistance at 9945. I was expecting a drop to 9850. AUDJPY has been floating at those resistance levels.

  2. there it is... sweet profit taking.
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    Good play there. I rode that uptrend the last couple of days but was out, awating to see how it would react as we got closer to the 100 level - where I expected major resist.

    Looks like it came a little early! :)
  4. expiated


    This pair is nowhere near crossing below my trigger line, so I am basing this trade on AUDJPY’s overall bearish sentiment and on market structure.

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    Not only was my target hit, but the rate is all the way down to 78.86 at this time.
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    I'm long from 82.87 based on a slightly adjusted approach to interpreting my 30-minute forecast model, so I'm curious to see whether or not my take-profit target is eventually hit.

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    AUDUSD and AUDJPY are both bullish, but when the new forecast model I'm using predicted a trip south, I figured I would at least shoot for a modest 10-pips worth of pullback action.

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    I'm going to use AUDJPY to test the ability of my recently updated instantaneous (non-lagging) moving average to get me into trades as soon as price experiences a Bona fide reversal in direction without falling victim to head fakes or false positives by buying AUDJPY as soon as the purple moving average begins to hook north.


    UPDATE: I got the signal to go ahead and enter a long position @76.70 at 02:45 GMT.
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    There had to be nice pullback after this sharp drop, I wonder how successful you caught the falling knife?
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