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    I have a strategy that I think has legs, and would eventually like to transition into a CTA/CPO type operation.

    I have enough of my own funds to fund operations for the next few years without any problem. But I know, all the same, audited/documented results are what other investors will want to see.

    So... the question is: should I start getting a professional services firm to audit my results *now*? Or, should I wait until I'm much closer to actually launching a fund where I trade OTM?

    And if so, who should I talk to?

    I realize this is a common question that other people have thrown about. I've read through a lot of the previous threads... my only comment is: I'm not price sensitive. I really want the best, most authoritative legal/account service providers... someone with credibility amongst investors.
  2. 1) Try to do "something" with your trading firm. They won't "doubt" your trading results.
    2) Avoid paying for things that others won't take seriously. :cool:
  3. Does your strategy have a live track record? That would be a place to start. It's not that expensive to confirm you broker's statements. The costly auditing comes in when confirming your methodology to confirm your returns. if you're keeping a simple structure and simple returns, it's not that much.
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    Hmm, interesting.

    Yes, everything I deal with is exchange-traded, liquid, and daily settled statements are always available. (I clear with RCG.)

    So, sounds like I don't need to worry too much about doing additional paperwork right now. Just.. make money.