Audit the Fed is a bad policy?

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  1. Horseshit. The argument is essentially a "We don't want to tell consumers which banks are bad, because they'll pull their money out of those institutions" kinda thing.

    The Central Bank spends our money. It was ours and we have a right to see where it's going. If that influences future central bank policy making, then I have one word for you:

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    The FED is making threats behind closed doors.

    American people have NO CLUE how nasty FED is

    they will tank entire economy on purpose if auditing becomes reality

    They have power to kill as well
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    this is how FED likes it -- Profits can be private, but losses are collective! :mad:
  4. Really now, Cold/c-kid - can you stick to one username for at least a week? Do you honestly need a different one every six hours?
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    can't you just enjoy the fact that we are on the same side for once :D

    I feel good I think I impacted your opinion on the FED over time cause CNN ain't gonna

    so somebody has to
  6. Dude, I've always felt that way about the Fed.
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    don't you find it strange Ivan when some smart guy shows up

    and defends the FED, and they sound smart too,

    makes me wonder about some people


    The Fed is corrupt, robbing the American People of billions, trillions.

    The have assassins, and alot of people throughout all parts of Government.

    Illuminati Project 9

    If there is a group that is designed to fight these groups on their level, please message me and let me know.

    They all must be identified and taken out,
    Time for them to go out of business.

    Time to wake up, and cause Awareness!! Forward links, its time for 300 million Americans to DO SOMETHING, and the World to fight the BIS bank of intl. settlements, central bank of central banks.

    Message me if you want more info or want to talk more.

    We are at WAR for our Retirements, and Way of Life, I refuse to be enslaved.


    3 Ruling Cities, It must change, We should invade and conquer these 3 Cities, and the World would change as we know it.

    Washington DC should become a living Museum, the Government should be Restructured and Moved to the Center of the United States, with no outside influence.

    Or we will be doomed.


    Washington DC
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