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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by trading_time, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Can you get 3-6 months of simulated trading results Audited to insure they are legitly traded and executed and not a fake?
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    It would be very expensive and have no value. I've never heard of anyone asking for audited simulated trading.
  3. Because simulated trading does not affect the market, all trades are always fake.

    In the real world, your actions create reactions.
  4. Aside from the disclaimers nobody's going to trade with you if you don't have audited real world results, and most investors ignore backtests presented with the benefit of hindsight because that's what makes them backtests and not results. NFA/CFTC will make you get a 3 month track record I think before they'll let you create backtests from spreadsheets. Also, most simulators don't account for monthly fees or performance fees, so calculating that inside of the output can be done on a close to close tradeslist but it'll still have that warning about hindsight.

    No, you're best demoing your live results through trading with $50,000 before working to get investors from hypotheticals.