Audit Fort Knox

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    I believe that there should be an audit of Fort Knox
    If the GOLD is there?!?! Credit Downgrade should not have taken place considering the Reserves and Gold Prices.

    Treasury Dept. Answers to the America People.

    This country has been hi jacked, just like the WTC Missing Gold.

    People responsible need to be held accountable.
    Central Bank, is looking at serious jail time, once this all comes to light.

    History Channel

    The United States Department of the Treasury has maintained the Bullion Depository on the post since 1937.

    This facility is operated solely by the Treasury Department.
  2. There's a difference between what you believe should be done on ethical grounds and what those in power will do.

    What is more relevant is what you can determine which others don't yet know. So, given that those in power consistently refuse a detailed audit, what does that indicate?

    What would be a logical reaction for you as an individual to take based on this indication? If there is no reaction for you to take then the question is moot, if there is a logical reaction then do it.
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    Only one choice will find out - Ron Paul! - next week I will give more money to his campaign - our last chance in my opinion to fix this mess we have in America.
  5. I agree...The next Presidentual term in office will bring a time where 4 new Supreme Court Justices need to be appointed to replace the retiring Justices.

    If the Obama vision is to last...well... he needs this next term.

    This guy Obama jumped in on a point in our history where big government could take over.

    I am so dissappointed in the voting public who were thinking they wanted change and they may get just what they asked for..."SOCIALISM"

    That guy with the bow tie that I like so much...maybe was not so dumb after-all.... for moving to the Phillipeans. America was the last great frontier...

    Capitalism may be on its way out and I do not know why the parents taught their children this (if they taught them anything at all).

    My democratic friend told me I am watching to much "Fox News" and I told him that he is watching to much "CNN".

    The answer is small government and Ron Paul just makes sense.




    Ron Paul 2012

    Even if there were 1 Trillion in Gold

    USA is 14 or 15 Trillion in Debt

    Spend 662 Billion in Defense Spending, Reminds me of ROME who ever controls the GOLD controls the Army,

    Stop Paying the Army, Rome falls by the wayside.

    Most, if not all Corporations work aganist USA.

    Short Sided, Profits First, Quality of Life Second, to Employee Last.

    Dismantle the Federal Reserve Central Bank, Invade Basel Switerzland, End the BiS (Bank of Intl Settlements) Replace with a system that deals with all instead of Hoarding for the greed for how ever many (few) that believe they are Above God without a Soul.

    If their was Revolt in the morning.

    Some very Rich Bankers would die by the end of the week.

    Including Rothchild Bankers,

    The Riots, and Protesters have shown that the will to be Free will always prevail.

    This banking system is coming to and end, how it wants to do so is left to the so called powerful. The voice of the people has been long forgotton.

    The Treasons mount.

    Timmy Geither, and his banking cartel friends, will be on the list.
    There will be no country they will be able to run and hide.