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  1. Audioslaves new album, anyone have it?
    "revelations" i think its called.
  2. Although I'm a huge Chris Cornell fan I think he was much better with Sound Garden. The new CD is ok, definitely not my favorite.
  3. Gotta love the grunge, thanx.

    Soundgarden were great, i find it strange most of my favourite bands are basically the classic grunge 5.
    What happened to the stone temple pilots?
  4. yeah, i got the whole vinyl collection of soundgarden albums, when they were still publishin' under the famous underground grunge label sub pop and they were great, now the lost most of that dark, hypnotic sound of the time but still a solid good band. best albums are louder than love and ultramegaok imo.
  5. Damn, that would be worth a few quid wouldnt it?
    Or were you joking about the vinyl thing..........

    Talk about hypnotic, saw pearl jam with dave groll guesting on drums, it was unbeleivable. Cant remember a damn thing about it, but it was brilliant.
    Had the chance to see nirvana at one point, i think the ticket price was about 15 $ or so at the time.
    Blew his head off a few months later, so , you make these decisions, huh.
  6. no am not kiddin', i got a huge vinyl collection of underground music. i discovered nirvana and soundgarden [and if u rememeber them, mudhoney and screamin' trees], when they weren completely unknown, got several lmted edition albums includin' both groups first 12"eps.
  7. Scott Wieland is now in Velvet Revolver and the rest of STP are in some other band, i think.

    I recently saw Pearl Jam, they were sooooo good.. Oh that Eddie Vedder! :p
  8. "Were not worthy (bows) were not worthy (bows)":)
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