Audio of stock futures pits

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stevene9, Mar 30, 2001.

  1. blueem


    Lately, I have been listening to AQuoteHead at This is currently a free service, but it sounds like they are going to charge soon.

    I had a thought, though. Is there a live webcam of the S&P pit? Perhaps this would be a useful addition to the standard squawkbox.

    If not, maybe one of the squawkbox folks out there would like to fill the gap :D
    #31     Oct 27, 2001
  2. booger


    anyone still on this thread? IS there a squawkbox for the CBOT pits? I've seen references to a bond sqawk but never an actual company...


    #32     Dec 3, 2001
  3. My old clearing firm Laurence Bonofitto had this guy at our desk calling prices all morning on the phone for the 30-Year Bond. It was mainly for the London Traders. I don't know if the calling they do is on the net. If it helps their clearing # is 454.

    Robert Tharp
    #33     Dec 3, 2001