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    Any questions about Prop Firm; Audacity Capital, place your enquiries on this thread.

    We will try our best to provide a response asap.

    Audacity Capital is currently recruiting talented traders to join our Funded Trader Program.

    If you would like to apply please send us a message on this thread or Instagram and a member of our admin support team will get in touch with you.
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  2. MrMuppet


    How much did you pay per 5star review on trustpilot?
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  3. traderjo


    - Is it for stocks/ futures/ Options
    - Day trading only?
    - Remote
    - Which country are you regulated
    - Series 7 required?
    - First loss? Pay for test? or PURE on talent!
  4. Jonavelle

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    Hello Traderjo,

    Audacity Capital mainly trades forex with the ability to trade commodities and indices when the trader reaches stage 4 which is managing $120K account. We fund traders who has experience trading on a live account for at least 3-6 months. We fund traders with an initial live account of $15K. Every time the trader hits the 10% target, we double the size of their account and can get funded up to $480K. We accept different trader personas including day traders. We have a trading floor based in Canary Wharf, London, UK but our traders are currently trading remotely due to the pandemic. We have traders based worldwide with many of our traders based in the US and the UK. We allow traders a maximum drawdown of 10% and you won't be liable for any loses. To join the program, we charge an initial fee of £298 to secure the account and a monthly fee of £99 to cover the costs of our liquidity provider which offers a great deal of free commissions or swaps. In regards to series 7, can you elaborate on your question?
  5. traderjo


    - 15 K ( Pounds) real money that is further leveraged by your OTC FX? correct or 15K total exposure for putting in £298
    Series 7 is about US regulatory requirements! for true props not fee for tets props
    So are you regulated as a broker dealer or it's UK equivalent
  6. Does Audacity offer indices trading?
    Also, can profits withdrawal and monthly fee payment be done with PayPal?
    Just passed a trial test within ONE day with a prop firm.
    Interesting business model asking people to pay a fee first to make money for them. I asked if fee payment could be deferred/deducted from the profits I can make but to no avail. Does Audacity allow that?

  7. It would be nice to see all available currency pairs, the website does not show them. This can be an important factor with skilled traders that are trader complex strategies.
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  8. traderjo


    Cognates which prop was that and was it one of the Pay for test? ... almost al these "Pay for test" type PROP allow Futures.
  9. wmwmw


    If you pass a challenge in 10 days, you could be a good trader.
    If you pass challenge in one day, you are a gambler and a loser.
  10. If you believe that, you are a complete idiot. Trading opportunities and thus performance are sporadic. 4% a day and 0% next day is normal. Only stupid back testers try to achieve a slow/smooth equity curve by optimization and think that is the right/safer way.

    Experienced traders gauge daily market condition and may not trade for day(s). Ever heard of black swan/fat tail risk? If you do not have a circuit breaker to turn off your "consistent" automated systems in time, your smooth curve line can "fall over a cliff".
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