AUD10Y-NZD10Y chart

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    I was not sure in which forum should I post this topic.

    Do you know where can I chart spread of AUD 10Y and NZD 10Y ?

    Additional info:
    - I don't have access to Bloomberg term/ Routers Eikon
    - I don't need any live data, intraday etc. (I don't know if NZD 10Y is listed on ASX, but even if - I know I can takie CQG or TT take data feed and make spread, but I don't need that data for everyday purposes)
    - in Tradingview I can't find it
    - in Koyfin there are yields and charts for particular durations but I can't make spread
    - I know I can take data for free from investing or other source and make that chart using excel/python or any other thing - I just wonder if there is opportunity to get it ready

    Do you have any ideas ?

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  3. ZBZB

    ZBZB will do spreads and ratio spreads. $55 a month for classic delayed.
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  4. MichalTr


    Thank you.

    I know how to chart many kinds of spreads and I have tools for that.
    But I'm asking precisely about AUD10Y and NZD10Y