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  1. Anyone short here? Long? Why? I'm still short, looking to get out around .7250 area. What are your thoughts?
  2. Just gone long at 0.7416 level. My thoughts are:

    1.Gold/commodity bounce/support
    2. Brilliant US retail figures not enough to see new lows
    3. No bearish divergeance yet.
    4. Outside day today.
    5. Looking for a min on 0.7480
  3. Long at .7379 :)

  4. Up about 33 pips. Still holding :)

  5. I am flat.

    I see a downward bias, but not that far: rather .7310 area.

    I'd rather short NZD.
  6. OfmY


    [ABC News Online report that there is probably bird flu in Australia, according to expert who is one of Aust's leading bird flu scientists. The virus is already in the country, brought in by migrating birds through northern Australia. Prof Mark von Itzstein, who is at the forefront of research into anti-flu drugs, is worried Aust is becoming complacent abt bird flu though he added that there is no need to panic, naive to think the virus could sweep across Asia, Europe and miss Aust. Note: AUD holds at the current 0.7352-57 mark.]

  7. Wow, bird flu drove it up :)

    I closed most of my AUD/USD positions with very little profit, maybe 20 pips max lol.

    Left one open for $hits and giggles :)

    Have a good weekend all,
  8. Are you implying your short is at .7250? Or that is the place where you're hoping to Take Profit on a short that is... ?

    If it's the former, how long have you been holding this short?