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  1. Time to go long? :)
  2. I did, @ .7280, with a tight stop. But I agree - this is a testing point.
  3. Truff


    Can you elaborate on this chart for us. Thanks
  4. ...yes, certainly:
    1. Indigo - the basic script.
    2. Grey a stroke-dashed line - alternative.
    3. Trade: sell 0.7334-48, take or buy-reversal 0.7280-49...
  5. Truff


    Thanks, never saw a chart like that
  6. Just took a dive. Down to .7266

    I just opened up a buy, lets see how it goes!

    Thanks for the feedback guys, keep it comming!
  7. Well i am up 54 points now, holding till 60. Next move is a long on eur/usd

    Just curious, how high do you expect aud/usd to go?
  8. My take profit was at .7320. I'll see what happens at .7340
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