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  1. Man...the AUD/USD is really, really testing that .6600 level...if we break...what is the next target down?
  2. aknaya1


    Looks like 0.64 is the next support, although I think it will go down to somewhere between .61-.63.
  3. you trade the audusd often?what is your normal pip proift target?
  4. Don't count the Aussie out just yet.
  5. aknaya1


    I trade the AUD often, but I dont have a normal pip profit. Just go by what the chart tells me. Im in a short position right now, if it gets 0.63 I'll look to take profit, depending on what the chart looks like.
  6. from the weekly and 5 minute chart...the AUD/USD is a serious BEAR!!!...sell it IMO