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  1. Is anyone watching the action right now in the Aussie? It just tanked big time at 10:30pm EST. I made a fast buck but quickly covered because the move just came out of nowhere. Wow! I'm interested if anyone else is following it right now.
  2. Well, that's what I get for trading a currency in another time zone. Here is the headline...

    RBA lifts interest rates to 7.25%

    at least I made money on the announcement and can now go to bed. fun stuff.
  3. sam0182


    Good work. I'm trying to get some rebound off the .93
  4. Good luck with it. I probably covered a little too early but can't complain as I was only in the position for about 5 minutes and was about to go to bed anyway. You can't complain about fast money so I won't.
  5. cstfx


    Statement that followed was less hawkish toward further rate increases. Plus add weak retail sales earlier.