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Discussion in 'Forex' started by Gary_McLaughlin, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. We're getting a buy signal on AUD/USD on the short-term charts. About to get a MACD buy signal on 30-min chart with buy signals on shorter charts already. Nice +MACD divergence on the 10-min. It's drawing out a nice bottoming wedge on the 5's. All occurring at support established July 26/27. This bottom is strikingly similar to the one that occurred Aug 8/9th.
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    Good analysis...

    I was thinking to buy the AUD futures based off the AUD/USD. The only issue I have is that the AUD futures has broken the 200 moving average on a daily chart. I use the 200 day EMA as support/resistance...

    Let me know what you think...
  3. Waiting for a 7515 buy.
  4. The daily chart had a nice rising wedge that could have been playable short with resistance at the 200. Wish I'da seen it.

    I'm camping out on it now since the bottom fell out of it. That was a good entry at 7515.
  5. Nice pics on that site. Especially like the one from Greece.
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    You posted a buy signal on this pair yesterday. Are you going to follow it up with the fact that you are getting smoked in this trade or are you just like all the rest of the signal callers on this site? I guess you will think twice about posting your next call. lol
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    I skipped the trade since it was under the 200 day EMA...
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    Its amazing. These guys post their trades and when they go against them the posters disappear. What a joke. If it was up he would be dancing all over ET
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    Yep, i feel you are 100% accurate...
  10. Good God, I posted the damn thing as a setup -- as a long above the falling wedge. It never traded above it so it was a scratch trade. When ET starts sending me paychecks I'll follow up on everything I post. You're right, I will think twice about posting anything in the future -- so I can avoid idiots like you. All I wanted to do was bang a few trading ideas off other Forex traders. All that's on this board is whiney, bitchy traders who are pissed off at the market. Why bother.......and how the hell do you know I didn't take it long at 7515 like Ivanovich posted? A long there was a profitable trade. Go somewhere else and whine. You sound like my 2 year old.
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