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  1. Anyone watching this?!!, up 86 pips as of now.
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    If this is one of your favorite cross pairs why don't you start posting some of your trades? it could even be demo account trading as that is a learning experience.

    The reason I am asking is I have been watching the pair for a while and thought it might be the pair to trade for the overnite (asian) session. I am considering demo trading to see if it could be profitable using the same strategies I use for gbp/usd
  3. What a crazy move down in 2 days. Nearly 800 pips in 2 days. I hear it is carry traders unwinding, but whatever the reason, I can't ignore the IR differential of positive 5.2% per annum for taking it long.

    So I'm in long 130k from an average price of 101.07. Open unrealized profit of ~$1400 at the moment. If history repeats itself, a big sell off like this has its peak recovery in 5 trading days. So I'm going to hold until Fri if it doesn't reverse and stop me out at break even.

    If I'm still holding over $1000 open profit by Friday, I'll be more than happy to take it over the weekend for another 2 days of interest.

    Price target 106.00 by next Monday
  4. I agree with it going to 106 but not by Monday. I'm thing 107-108 in two weeks but it sure would be nice to see the 50% fibo from march to july @ 98.2. I'll be going long every time we go below 100. I will also be shorting the AUD/USD in the meantime TP @ .84 and .83 stops @well.... They are for daytraders!
  5. aud data.. now.
  6. shorting AUD/USD at .8580 not liking action of AUD/JPY at 102.5 will surely go below 100 now.
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    AUDUSD traded with a low of 0.8554 and a high of 0.8603
  8. 98.50 here we come!!!!
  9. Where by Wed? 98 or 104?
  10. We just reached some resistance at 100,37. 38,2 % Fibonacci-Retracement 95,50-107,72 move....if break-through look for 102,50... :)
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